Bluetooth Aluminum Quadrupod Selfie Stick

Quadrupod Selfie Stick

Quadrupod Selfie Stick

This 40-Inch Extendable Selfie Stick is a compact and functional option. Its quadrupod, screw-tightened mount, 40 inches of extension, and the ability to fold into a very manageable shape. It can accommodate other cameras than a cell phone, such as a GoPro, further increasing the versatility of a "do anything" device.

  • strength buildingStable Quadrupod
  • strength buildingDetachable and Dimmable Fill Light
  • strength buildingAluminum Super-Light Design
  • strength building3-Dimensional Adjustable 360-360-180


Bluetooth Aluminum Quadrupod Selfie Stick 40" with Fill Light

In order to maximize FUN, FUNCTIONALITY, and PERFORMANCE, the Quadrupod Selfie Stick was created. The extremely adjustable and detachable mount guarantees that your phone and other gadgets will work with any other device. Additionally, a built-in quadrupod base enables greater versatility and a wider range of images.

Bluetooth Aluminum Quadrupod Selfie Stick 40 inch with Fill Light

Product Features

Stable Quadrupod Selfie Stick

Stable Quadrupod Selfie Stick

The 3-1 Quadrupod Selfie Stick makes it simple to snap individual or group selfie photographs, making it ideal for events, trips, and outdoor activities like hiking. In comparison to standard tripods, the upgraded 4-point support and the dock's metal ribs offer improved balance and weight-bearing. Even while carrying huge and hefty phones, there is no longer a concern about the stand toppling over.

Detachable and Dimmable Fill Light

Using white, soft, and warm light as its three distinct color modes. Three brightness levels are available in each setting, giving you a total of 9 possibilities to choose from depending on the situation. The ideal tool for using filters, Zoom meetings, and TikTok videos while taking nighttime images. includes a USB charging cable.

Detachable and Dimmable Fill Light Selfie Stick
Aluminum Super-Light Design Selfie Stick

Aluminum Super-Light Design

The extended pole is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy with a surface anodic oxidation process, making it strong, long-lasting, and incredibly light at just 7.15 oz.

3-Dimensional Adjustable 360-360-180

You could take vertical and horizontal shots by simply rotating the angle, or you could snap a picture with a broader field of view, thanks to the 360 degree rotation of the card slots and 180 degree view. The composition has a wider range.

3-Dimensional Adjustable 360-360-180 Selfie Stick

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are selfie sticks popular?

    The invention of the selfie stick, an extensible metal rod to which a smartphone may be attached, changed this trend by enabling users to take pictures of themselves from further away and at greater angles.
  • What makes a selfie attractive?

    One of the most important elements of taking a nice selfie is smiling, and it should be a genuine smile so that viewers can relate to you. Thoughts like "it's not that easy to loosen up once the camera is pointing at you, and your smile ends up looking awkward" come to mind.
  • What is the difference between gimbal and selfie stick?

    The key distinction is that the stabilizer has an incredibly potent anti-shake feature, making live video smoother and more steady. In summary, the stabilizer is more professional for shooting videos than the selfie stick is for capturing images.
  • How do you smile in a selfie?

    Tense face muscles can be opened up and relaxed by taking a deep breath in with your nose and then forcing it out through your mouth. Change your posture, smile with your eyes instead of just your mouth, and adjust your body language. Instead of grinning at the photographer, do so at the camera. Pucker up, then slightly lower your chin.


  • Remote Control

  • Wide compatibility

  • 360° Multi-Angle

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  • Model

    Bluetooth Aluminum Selfie Stick
  • Color

  • Compatible Model

    All Cell Phones, GoPro & Digital Cameras with 1/4 Screw
  • Item Weight

    7.15 Ounce / 202 Gram
  • Item Lengt

    100 cm Max
  • Brand

    Infinity Product
  • Fastening

  • Design/Finish

  • Compatible Brand

  • Usage

    Indoor / Outdoor Using
  • MPN

  • Items Included

    1x Bluetooth Aluminum Selfie Stick Tripod, 1x 1/4 Screw Connector
  • Connectivity


Package Included

  • 1x Bluetooth Aluminum Selfie Stick Tripod
  • 1x 1/4 Screw Connector